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Coaching for Moms… from anxiety to achievement!!!

In western countries, when we visualize the image of a mother and her young child, we tend to see a picture of what society expects from a mother: unconditional love, tenderness, attention, tolerance, patience, care, wisdom, even friendship… the list can be endless. However, it is rarely taken into account […]

Human Resources Strategies: Balancing Stability and Agility in Times of Digitization by Armin Trost… Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t

Madness… more likely than not, this is the opinion of a manager with a traditional hierarchical mindset, whenever she hears about “people centered organizations” or the agile approach to HR, and for what I have heard the reason is often lack of knowledge and fear of losing control and status. […]

Differentiation and candidate experience… some considerations on “Talent Relationship Management” by Armin Trost.

From time to time I receive requests from ex-colleagues and friends associated with talent acquisition or with legal departments asking me for help to find specific candidates to fill their legal positions. Usually the requests go like this – “Could you share this position on your LinkedIn page? I have […]

“The End of Performance Appraisal: A Practitioners’ Guide to Alternatives in Agile Organisations” by Armin Trost… the end of a turbulent era.

For years as an employee or manager, who sadly had no knowledge at all on human resources matters, was hard to argue and convince HR specialists that annual performance appraisals were, at times, simply not working for us, and on the contrary they were intoxicating our working environment, either in […]