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Autarky in leadership and coaching

Think for a minute about these persons: Taylor Swift, singer and advocate of artists’ rights; Nikola Tesla, inventor and engineer known for his contributions to electricity and magnetism; Stephen Hawking, physicist and cosmologist known for his theory of evolution by natural selection.

What might have these persons in common beyond the fact of being some good examples of human creativity and achievement? Probably not too much, with the exception that they were or are self-sufficient.

Me, the impostor…

The person who seemed lucky when, at 30, I was appointed as General Counsel of the Mexican subsidiary of a German automotive parts company. My thoughts on that? Surely, there must have been someone else better qualified for the position, but he didn’t go to the office that day. Therefore, […]

Motherhood… from anxiety to achievement!!!

In western countries, when we visualize the image of a mother and her young child, we tend to see a picture of what society expects from a mother: unconditional love, tenderness, attention, tolerance, patience, care, wisdom, even friendship… the list can be endless. However, it is rarely taken into account […]

The End of Performance Appraisal: A Practitioners’ Guide to Alternatives in Agile Organisations by Armin Trost… the end of a turbulent era.

For years as an employee or General Counsel, who sadly had no knowledge at all on human resources matters, was hard to argue and convince HR specialists that annual performance appraisals were, at times, simply not working for us, and on the contrary they were intoxicating our working environment, either […]