Neuroscience based Coaching

By applying principles of brain function I help you to enhance your behaviour, emotions, decision-making, and change

Neuroscience based Coaching

I integrate insights from neuroscience into your coaching process to provide you with a deeper understanding of your behaviour, motivation, decision-making, and change processes.

Some key aspects of my neuroscience-based coaching approach include:


Understanding your Brain Function

While listening to your personal experiences, challenges, and goals, I provide you with information about how your brain works, including concepts related to neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to rewire itself), brain regions responsible for different functions, and how your emotions and your cognitive processes are interconnected.

Supporting your Behaviour Change

Neuroscience research offers a lot of insights into how habits are formed, how behaviour change occurs, and why certain behaviours may be difficult to change. I use and share this knowledge with you to guide you in making positive changes and breaking your negative patterns.

Enhancing your Emotional Regulation

I support you in acquiring techniques for emotion management, stress reduction, and enhanced emotional well-being by facilitating your comprehension of how your brain contributes to emotional processing.

Improving your Decision-Making

Insights from neuroscience can shed light on the factors that influence decision-making, including biases and heuristics. I support you making more rational and informed decisions by addressing these cognitive biases.

Developing your
Stress Management

I offer you techniques to manage your stress and build your resilience, by analizying together your challenges and your specific brain's stress response causes, mechanisms, and consequences.

Boosting your
Learning and Memory

I help you to understand how your brain learns and retains information so you can develop effective strategies to enhance your learning, memory recall, and skill acquisition processes.


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