Learn about my approach to coaching, my values and my coaching niches

What is Coaching & for Whom it is intended

Providing an ultimate definition of coaching has proven to be a challenge, it is possible to find as many definitions of coaching as there are coaching niches or scholars who write about it.

In general terms coaching is a process of learning, growth, and improvement of an individual, the coachee, through the facilitation provided by the coach. Coaching does not involve, neither it is a form of therapy, consulting, mentoring, or training. Also, coaching it is intended for mentally healthy individuals and I work only with adults.


My Approach to Coaching

As a coach I follow a “people-centered” coaching approach. This means that I place you as my client at the forefront of the coaching process. This approach prioritizes your needs, goals, values, and unique circumstances throughout your coaching journey. This means the following:


Client-Centered Focus. In a people-centered coaching approach, only you, as my client, are the expert in your own life. I adopt an empathetic and non-judgmental stance, actively listening to your concerns, aspirations, and experiences without imposing my own agenda or assumptions.

Building Trust and Rapport. As your coach I create a safe and supportive environment where you feel comfortable expressing yourself openly and honestly. By doing this the trust that we build together will enable a deeper exploration of your challenges, beliefs, and emotions.

Empowering You as my Client. My approach emphasizes your autonomy and self-determination. Rather than providing solutions or advice, I facilitate your self-discovery and empower you to generate your own insights, solutions, and strategies. I act as the catalyst for your growth and development.

Honoring Diversity and Inclusion. Each of my clients is unique, with their own background, perspectives, and values. Through a people-centered coaching approach I respect and celebrate this diversity. I recognize and validate your individuality, cultural context, and lived experiences, fostering an inclusive coaching relationship.

Goal Alignment. While I support you to achieve your self-directed goals, I also ensure the alignment of your goals with your values, aspirations, and overarching vision for your life. Together, we define clear and meaningful goals that resonate with your intrinsic motivations and sense of purpose.

Facilitating Growth and Transformation. My people-centered coaching aims to facilitate your personal and professional growth, enabling you to overcome obstacles, unlock your potential, and achieve your desired outcomes. I provide guidance, feedback, and accountability, while also allow you space for experimentation, reflection, and learning.

Whole-Person Approach. I recognize that individuals are multifaceted beings. Therefore, I take a holistic view of your life and consider various aspects such as your career, relationships, health, and well-being to address the interconnectedness of these dimensions in your overall fulfillment and success.





As your Coach

I follow a people-centered coaching approach.This means that you are the only expert in your own life.

My Values as a

As a coach I integrate into my practice core coaching values as my own. Below is the list of these values which should be present during all my coaching sessions with you. I kindly invite you to read carefully and identify if they match with yours.


Trust. I prioritize building trust through openness and transparency. I create an environment where coach and client can approach with positive intent, fostering mutual trust and respect.


Compassion. I believe in forming supportive partnerships based on empathy and care for others. I recognize the value of each person and lead with empathy to create meaningful connections.


Lifelong Learning. I am committed to continuous growth and development. I believe in the innate potential for discovery and transformation, encouraging my clients to expand their awareness and understanding through lifelong learning.


Integrity. I approach every situation with courage and honesty, upholding the highest ethical standards. I seek fairness and truth in all matters, maintaining integrity in every aspect of my coaching practice.


Inclusion. Diversity is celebrated in my coaching approach. I mindfully promote inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has equal access to opportunities and feels respected and valued.


Responsibility. I prioritize accountability and credibility while I focus on the well-being of my clients and maintain a balanced approach to address their needs responsibly.


My Coaching Niches

Below you can find the areas or niches in which I specialize as a coach. Please visit each one of the links to find out if my specific areas of expertise cover any of your coaching goals and if I am a good fit for your their needs.